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Unlock data tied up in your Practice Management System.

As tax season starts the loom over us I wonder how many firms are still relying on spreadsheets to control workflow, or worse in a way how many are still doing work for clients who haven’t paid them for the last piece of work they have done. Now is the time to grapple with these issues and get more efficient and more focused.

The information you need is already at hand just not visible. It's tied up in your emails, practice management and tax production systems. Often firms are using applications from different suppliers and this adds to the complexity. No matter how good the individual suppliers reporting systems are if you are using different systems it is at its heart inefficient no one provider can surface all of the data you need in one place, one single piece of glass, one client/partner/manager centric view.

In my time as a partner in two top 100 firms I have struggled with this issue and have seen different bespoke solutions that have always been quite expensive to design and implement and have produced mixed results. But now thankfully times have moved on and this is now achievable for a much more acceptable investment and accessible to smaller firms and sole practitioners.

Anshin has been working with datasets from all of the main practice management systems and produced a set of beautiful reports in PowerBi. That integrate with Microsoft 365 and are accessible of a range of devices. Simple to implement with plugins that connect to a range of datasets immediately without the need for customisation.

We have designed the reporting tabs around the core activities of the practice. To give you data you can action, quickly see debtors, WiP, lockup in one place sortable by Office, Partner, or Manager.

Contact us to find out how you could use PowerBi and how you can properly implement Microsoft 365 in your practice to make yourself more efficient and provide better client service.

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