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Our Vision

We are committed to develop the next generation of IT professionals and want to help people start their career in cyber security and technology consultancy. We are pleased to launch our academy scheme that aims to give you a broad academic and vocational skill set. 


Working for Anshin

There is no way of getting around we are geeks. We embrace it in fact everyone who works for Anshin has some sort of technical background and understanding of our products and services. We are always on the look out for talented people to join our team.




We know that in tech being current with your skill set is really important to your long term development, and to our future. We will agree with you an ongoing person training program with fully funded training for Microsoft, Cisco and other technical providers.

Woman at Work
Working from Home


We always aim to recruit internally and develop our own talent. We will be clear with you about where your career can take you within the business. As a rapidly growing company we always have slots opening up in development, operations, security, and planning.


Agile Working


We operate a core hours of 9 to 5 if that suits you that’s fine. If not you can flex you working day to suit you. If you are an early bird who wants to get it all of the way by lunchtime then do your own thing that’s fine. If you fancy a lie in and want to start and finish later that also works for us.  If you want to do everything by lunchtime Friday then take the afternoon off then that is also fine. 

Remote Working


We taken it as a given that you will want to work from home the majority of the time. We have a great brand new office and would like you be there to build relationships with your team, so we have fixed weekly meetings we all attend then you can choose to work from the office or from home or a mixture of both.


Tech Allowance


We know you will have strong views about what kit you want to use to do your job so we let you choose it. We give you a budget for a phone, laptop, monitors etc you choose what you want and set it up.

Salary Sacrifice Electric Car


EVs now attract very low or even zero personal tax liabilities, if you want to have an EV you choose it and we will pay for it with an appropriate deduction from your salary. It will be a significantly cheaper way of you getting it than if you did it yourself. Our new office has two charge points right outside.




We will close over Christmas so you can spend time with your families, we have a great party before hand and a huge summer BBQ, along with numerous team building jollies along the way. 


We really believe our people are our biggest asset if you would like to know more about our current vacancies or just have a chat about what we do and how you may fit into it give us a ring. We are always happy to chat.

Tech Accessories
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