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Graduate Recruitment

Anshin Academy


We are committed to develop the next generation of IT professionals and want to help people start their career in cyber security and technology consultancy. We are pleased to launch our academy scheme that aims to give you a broad academic and vocational skill set. 


Working for Anshin


Most business leaders understand the importance of digital solutions to their organisation, but they don’t always know what’s possible, what to tackle first, or how to go about implementing change. Anshin specialises in helping firms working in the accounting space in the UK.


We solve business problems through the design of technology strategies, development of technology architecture, delivery of applications, sourcing, project management and operational management. We deliver the technological solutions firms need to compete and grow. We aim to build a lasting legacy of improvement and performance, partnering with best in class technologies and solution sets. 


In Anshin you’ll help our clients to undertake, cloud-enabled technology delivery, implementation and transformation. You’ll have the opportunity to work in Digital Strategy and Technology Transformation, Data Analytics and Risk Technology and with Applications including Microsoft 365, AWS, and Azure.

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Joining as a graduate


A formal qualification is not included in the graduate programme, however, you will be supported and encouraged to take ownership of your personal development, continually learning through feedback from different projects and roles. 


We’ll work with you to track your development so you know how you're doing and where you can improve. At this early stage in your career you’ll have access to cutting edge technology and this, coupled with the quality of the training you'll receive, means you'll become a recognised expert in the profession.


A blend of formal and informal training will help you build your technical capabilities and expand your business network. A ‘buddy’ initiative, face-to-face networking events, training sessions – with both a business and technical perspective – are all part of your personalised training programme.

Still Curious?


Send a copy of your CV and a short covering email to our HR team

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Your structured development programme means you’ll experience the different types of work we do and get exposure to the clients we work with. It might involve helping clients address business-wide change, potentially brought about by regulation or changing business demands, or setting transformation strategy and the underpinning technology. Or you could be involved in a detailed appraisal of a client’s processes and systems, assessing their strengths and weaknesses.


You could be helping clients with:


  • Their operations, helping major global clients simplify their supply chain management, reduce stock levels, and improve services and lead times through the effective use of technology.


  • Supporting Finance teams, helping CFOs make better decisions with the use of real-time data, track investments in real-time, and report on up-to-the-minute changes with live dashboards.


  • Regulation and compliance teams, who often face large and complex legacy technology estates. We unpack these estates to see which applications are still relevant and effective – reducing costs and complexity while shifting the focus back onto potential risks.


  • HR business transformations with technical advisory to provide an end-to-end service. We work with clients to deliver a complete HR strategy, map the application architecture, as well as help validate and select vendors. 


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