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Do you want to move to Microsoft 365?

Still using on premise Microsoft Exchange
Still using on premise Microsoft Exchange?

Surprisingly a lot of firms are still using traditional Microsoft Exchange and Office in their businesses. They have been told by their IT Team or External IT Provider that moving to O365 is difficult and or expensive. Clearly some of these stakeholders have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

Automating your migration

‘Migrationwiz’ is a cloud based application that sits in Microsoft Azure. It allows you to migrate data live without downtime or data loss from a multitude of systems to 0365 not just from Microsoft Exchange. It can also be used to consolidate different 0365 tenants into a single system. This is particularly useful for firms who have acquired other practices and wish to have one system rather than several. Or firms who rolled out a temporary Teams setup under a temp domain and now what to reengineer that into a proper Microsoft 365 implementation.

For those firms who have already adopted Microsoft 365 it can be used to migrate other data such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and even archived PST. Usefully for those firms who have invested in Public Folders a legacy exchange feature as part of their business processes these can also be migrated.

Things to think about.

Pre stage data migration

One of the greatest features of Migrationwiz is that is allows you to move the vast majority of your data before the actual switch. This reduces to risk dramatically and allows you to have confidence that the data is available on the new system before they login.

Remote Outlook reconfiguration

One of the mostly costly aspects of an email migration can be that users need to reconfigure Outlook to point at the new Microsoft 365 mailbox. This used to require a visit to each users PC to reconfigure it. With Migrationwiz you can automate the reconfiguration which is particularly useful if staff are working at home and unlikely to attend the office. Its a huge time saver and really enables remote migration. One of the key features of this is that it will also migrate your autocomplete data, your signatures, and will remap any archived local PST files. This make the user experience of the migration much better.

Security of Data

Most firms will have concerns about the security of the transfer. Particularly under GDPR legislation . During the migration you have ability to lock down and limit access to both the source and the destination. This means you can control where your data goes during the process.

Next Steps

If you want anymore information or would like to talk about how we can support your migration please contact us on Let us know how many users you have and we can give you a fixed prices quote within 24 hours.

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